Thursday, October 13, 2005

Creamed Corn Stir Fry

No joke! My husband is a corn freak and a few years ago he cut out a Mark Bittman recipe from the Times for a stir fry with chicken, corn kernels (canned or fresh) and canned creamed corn. Of course I turned my nose up at it. But I held onto the clipping, out of loyalty or guilt, you pick, and finally made it last night.

Bittman never forgets the little things knowing they can make a big impact, so to set off the canned goods he included minced fresh garlic and ginger, a bit of chili pepper, sherry and sesame oil. As with most stir fries, the prep took longer than the cooking but the final dish was a good one, and my husband loved it. I personally just couldn't get away from the canned taste, so next time (and there will be one), I'll substitute fresh kernels for canned. I have some cooked corn in the freezer, and that will fit the bill perfectly. I served it over leftover rice I had, stir-frying that with a little more garlic, ginger and scallions. I topped it with some cilantro (probably the last Massachusetts native cilantro I'll see this season) and some chopped cashews.

Stir frying as a technique is a great gift to a working woman. Plan ahead, keep the ingredient count down (less prep), find another set of hands during prep, cook and it's on the table in a half hour. And it's fresh (except for the canned stuff).


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